Saturday, 28 March 2009

Life's Soundtracks: Ars Electronica

Good evening, everyone!
As you may have noticed, it's Saturday night! I was in the mood for some electronic sounds to start the party night properly and went through my collection ... the result: a little playlist with some of the (I think most fitting) electronic tunes for tonight and of course I didn't want to withhold them from my dear readers ;) This will make the beginning for a little new streak of "Noisy Crumb": Life's Soundtracks with other genres and soundtracks to follow soon.
So if you feek a little like me this evening, i.e. electronic ;) , put those on your mp3-player and name the folder "Ars Electronica":

Fujiya and Myjagi - Paper Airplanes
Hybrasil- We Got Music
The Rapture – The Devil
Hot Chip – Shake a Fist
The Faint – The Geeks were Right
The Whip – Trash
Jape – Graveyard
Beck- Timebomb
Cut Copy – Lights and Music
MGMT – Electric Feel (UK Radio Mix)
LCD Soundsystem – Yr City's A Sucker
Chemical Brothers – Salmon Dance
Daft Punk - Voyager
Fujiya and Myjagi – Cassette

PS: Visit Linz!

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