Saturday, 1 November 2008

An.Ton FINALS!!!!

And the winner is .... well actually everybody playing in the An.Ton finals should be regarded as a winner, don't you think? So the better question is, who became "number one"? This is, how the jury decided:

1) Dazy Nerds
2) Potters Field
3) Chronic Aggression
4) The Aesthetic of inner terror
5) Flowjob & Ihmes

And the pics of all those final competitors
An.Ton 3

As you may have noticed, I made no pictures of the special guests "Peilsender", who won the last An.Ton in 2006 and who also performed yesterday.
Very talented guys, really, but unfortunately, they did not really "fit" into the program. Actually they didn't fit at all. Why? Let me put it like this: Would "Tokio Hotel" fit as support band for a "Turbonegro" gig.....?

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  1. "Peilsender" also didn´t fit because their music is so negativly mainstream, unspirited and flat and completly lacks both innovation and true passion.
    Besides they really are a bunch of arrogant "wanna-be"s!!!


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