Sunday, 30 November 2008

Empire pics?

Just, if you are wondering: Unfortunately there will be no nc - pics of this month's Empire! Check

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Südwild goes Ansbach

This week the Südwild Crew from the Bavarian TV station "BR" is broadcasting their daily live show from the Montgelasplatz, Ansbach. Cool enough, that they are finally stopping by at my cosy hometown, but even better: they chose some of the best musicians from Ansbach to perform during their shows. For example the nationally well-known a cappella combo "Vivy Voce" or the gound-breaking rap-newcomers "Flowjob und Ihmes" (I hope you still remember them ;) ).
Here are the first recordings of the shows and of course there is more to come until Friday. So if you're interested in good music, hot topics and some nice shots of Ansbach, this is where you should go to:


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

UPDATED DAT20 CHARTS for week number 48 -->

Don't forget: It's EMPIRE time!

The last weekend in Novermber is coming, which means that EMPIRE is on again! We'll be rocking the Kammerspiele, Ansbach on Saturday!

start: 21:30 Uhr - get in: 5 €

This time EMPIRE will also be a CD-release Party for THE KILLERS new album "Day and Age" with a lot of Killers CDs and merch to be won!
Photos of the eveing will be published here and as usual on the EMPIRE homepage.

EMPIRE will be part of you - if you are part of it! Keep on rocking!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

We all love the Web 2.0 ....

... don't we? This film was produced by the Museum of Media History (FL/USA) in 2005 and designs a scenario for our (digital) future until 2015.
As we have 2008 already, it's quite interesting to see what has become reality already.... and I am definitely of the opinion that not only media students should now it ;)

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

1 .. 2 .. 3 .. from Ireland to Germany ..

... or to the US? Mr O Leary from Ryanair has big plans for future trans-Atlantic flights ... yes, he has indeed .... and I am sure that the German translator really enjoyed her job on this press-conference:

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Peter Fox tour starting next week!

Yeah! Peter Fox is starting his first solo tour across Germany, Switzerland and Austria. If you wanna catch Mr Fox and the Stadtaffen somewhere near you, here are the dates:

28.11.08 Osnabrück - Rosenhof
01.12.08 Mannheim - Capitol
02.12.08 Wien (A) - Arena
03.12.08 Nürnberg - Hirsch --> woohoo!
06.12.08 München - Muffathalle
07.12.08 Zürich (CH) - Palais Xtra
08.12.08 Köln - LMH
09.12.08 Dresden - Schlachthof
10.12.08 Hamburg - Grosse Freiheit
12.12.08 Berlin - Postbahnhof

Tickets can be ordered at your booking office.

Friday, 14 November 2008

IT crowd 3rd series starting next Friday!

Yay! Jen, Moss and Roy are on the telly again!

.....that's all you need to know ;)

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Hoarsebox are conquering ....

.... and for that they recorded some really enjoyable (music) videos together with the MUZU team. All the new stuff - including a music video for one of their NEW SONGs - can be watched at .
Wanna have a little "pretaste"? Sure! Here you go.....

Hoarsebox - Hoarsebox-MuzuSessions-Interview on MUZU.

Some more?

Hoarsebox - Hoarsebox-MuzuSessions-CryingInTheBathroom on MUZU.

Even more? Well now I'd really suggest: go to ;)

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Happy Birthday, Loriot!

Victor von Bülow alias Loriot is often said to be a legend for the German comedy. An admirable filmmaker, cartoonist and poet. And today it is his 85th birthday.
So a very Happy Birthday and a big big Thank You, Mr. Bülow for every single laugh you gave us!

„Die Torte im menschlichen Antlitz ist einer der bedeutendsten Einfälle des internationalen Humors.“ - Loriot

Monday, 10 November 2008

Anne's Saw of the Day

Did you ever realize that Steppenwolf's "It's never too late" and The Verve's "Lucky Man" somehow sound a bit similar to each other?

Thursday, 6 November 2008

DAT 20 Charts on noisy crumb

Noisy Crumb is now an official publisher of the weekly announced DAT 20 Charts (Deutsche Alternativ und Trend Charts). So if you wanna know what Singles are rocking your crowd at the moment, see the right column for details -->
Also, it's very interesting to see, especially for my international readers, how "far behind" we Germans can be with our "Top 20" sometimes! I mean, MGMT's "Kids" was on top of the UK and Irish charts in March! But on the other hand "Good things need time..." right?

The Subways on Tour in Germany

For everyone, who didn't know yet: The Subways are touring all over Germany in November, so hurry up, some tickets for the following shows are still left!

06 Nov 2008 20:00 - LMH Köln/Cologne
18 Nov 2008 20:00 - Longhorn Stuttgart
19 Nov 2008 20:00 - Zeche Bochum
20 Nov 2008 20:00 - Skaters Palace Münster
22 Nov 2008 20:00 - Batschkapp Frankfurt

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The real philosophs...

Here are some - I think - briliant lyrics, that striked my ear recently. From Rod Steward's "Oh la la" which, some may know it from the Irish Meteor TV commercials and which was also covered by some others...
When I read these lyric then, I just thought "Yes, that's exactly how it is" (or actually, I guess I was thinking "Is Halt Mal Echt So" ;) but never mind about that). That's exactly how life can treat everyone (not only guys!) and it's one more good example for the statement, that song writers are the real philosoph's of this world. And that just because they tell the sheer, blank truth......

Poor old grandad
I laughed at all his words,
I thought he was a bitter man
(When) He spoke of women's ways.
They'll trap you, and use you
And before you ever know;
For love is blind and you're far too kind,
don't ever let it show.

I wish - that - I knew what I know now
when I was younger
I wish - that - I knew what I know now
when I was stronger.

The Can-Can's such a pretty show
it steals your heart away
The backstage's back on earth again
the dressing rooms are great.
They come on strong and it ain't too long
for to make ya' feel a man.
But love is blind and ya soon will find
you're just a boy again.

I wish - that - I knew what I know now
when I was younger
I wish - that - I knew what I know now
when I was stronger.

When you want her lips, you get her cheek
makes you wonder where ya are.
If you want some more then
she's fast asleep,
leaves you twinklin' with the stars.
Poor young grandson, there's
nothing I can say,
you'll have to learn just like me,
and that's the hardest way.

Without words ... well at least not mine ;)

discovered on ;)

Saturday, 1 November 2008

An.Ton FINALS!!!!

And the winner is .... well actually everybody playing in the An.Ton finals should be regarded as a winner, don't you think? So the better question is, who became "number one"? This is, how the jury decided:

1) Dazy Nerds
2) Potters Field
3) Chronic Aggression
4) The Aesthetic of inner terror
5) Flowjob & Ihmes

And the pics of all those final competitors
An.Ton 3

As you may have noticed, I made no pictures of the special guests "Peilsender", who won the last An.Ton in 2006 and who also performed yesterday.
Very talented guys, really, but unfortunately, they did not really "fit" into the program. Actually they didn't fit at all. Why? Let me put it like this: Would "Tokio Hotel" fit as support band for a "Turbonegro" gig.....?