Thursday, 23 October 2008

What girls like….

… they like a lot of things, too many THINGS as some of you may believe. Well … be it as it is, but most of us girls also like guys. Nice guys: friends, comrades, mates …whatever you’d like to call them.
And if love grows out of a friendship, most of us would say, that’s perfect, wouldn’t we? Some days ago, I listened to Lenny Kravitz’ “I’ll be waiting”. And although I don’t really like this song too much, I did not switch the channel, as I suddenly paid attention to the lyrics. They describe just how we wish our best mates (first half) or lovers (second half) to be. And they also state how we should behave as such. So beautiful! Sure, a bit schmaltzy as well, but hey, it’s a love song, so what did you expect?

He broke your heart
He took your soul
You're hurt inside
'cause there´s a hole,
You need some time to be alone,
Then you will find what you´ve always known,

I´ve seen you cry
Into the night,
I feel your pain,
Can I make it right?
I realize there´s no end in sight,
Yet still I wait
For you to see the light

I´m the one who really loves you, baby
I can´t take it any more

As long as I´m livin´ ,
I´ll be waitin´,
As long as I´m breathin´,
I´ll be there,
Whenever you call me,
I´ll be waitin´,
Whenever you need me,
I´ll be there

You are the only one
I´ve ever known
That makes me feel this way,
Couldn't on my own
I wanna be with you
Until we´re old
You've got the love you need right in front of you
Please come home.

PS: Unless of this very nice lyrics and a lot of other cracking songs, Lenny Kravitz is still not on my imaginary list of definitely ass-kicking musicians. Why? Because he covered “American Woman” from The Guess Who … How could he dare to? You don’t cover from The Guess Who, you just don’t! And even worse, the actual song that came out of this copying is such a poor imitation, I really wonder what Mr. K. was thinking when he recprded it……

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