Wednesday, 8 October 2008

EP: THE SESSIONS is listed as in a relationship

Finally I got it! The first (and last) EP from the Vancouver band "The Sessions" and the time to write an adequate review about it.
So WTF are The Sessions?
A Rock/Indie band from Canada, that always remember me of the Arctic Monkeys.... no wrong: the Arctic Monkeys always remember me of The Sessions!

I had the pleasure to meet them 2006 when they won the Emerganza-Competition for newcomer bands at the Taubertal Festival, Germany. I was strolling around there as a festival journalist and quite far away from the stage they were playing on. Normally I would not have made my way through the huge cluster of drunk people in front of me just to get there. But I realized very quickly that this was not a "normal" band playing there. They really got me from the first beat and from there on The Sessions became one of my very favourite bands (and not only mine!). Their unique, rocking,asskicking sound and especially their extraordinary musical talent (for their young age!!) did not only convince my friends, me and everybody I gave a listen to their music, but also the Emergenza jury. Ok, after reading their press-releases and stuff, it seemed to me, as if they just win every band-competition that is to be won in far away Canada ;)
We had a great time at the Taubertal Festival and in the end I got two demo-CDs (woohoo!) from them as well as some great festival pictures and wrote a lot of articles about them as the best newcomers 2006.
Back in Vancouver the Sessions started touring around all over Canada and the US, wrote a lot of new songs and in spring 2008 they split up..... and after all that they somehow made it to release their first official EP a few months ago. I guess I should be more than happy about this but still I promised myself to see them again live on stage sometime :(
So finally (!) to say something about the EP "The Sessions is listed as in a relationship": Well done, guys, just well done! The six songs

Fatal Attraction
18 Candles
My Love
Say Goodbye Adrienne

are very well selected for an EP. I was not surprised, that "Signs" and "My Love" are on it, as those always seemed the most popular songs for the audience (and also my two favourite ones). Of course all songs were remastered/ new-recorded for the EP. That's why I realized quite a few differences to those I already had as demos. Strangely enough, I like the "rough cut" versions I have of "Signs" and " My Love" better than the "new ones", which partly include new elements, new arrangements or even different intonations (My Love). But nevertheless, those two songs are still overwhelming! Just like the others: "Fatal Attraction" was completely new to me and I really enjoy its unique only-The-Sessions-can-do-that sound. And also the last song "Say Goodbye Adrienne" just goes into your ear and gets stuck there for the rest of the day...
The price of the EP is 9.99 CAD and when you order online you get one more song for free. All I can say here, is: That's definitely more than worth it!

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  1. Hey, it's nice to see that google gives me an answer about the sesions, but, i can't get the EP, wouldn't you mind uploading it on mediafire or something, here at mexico that kind of stuff is realy rare, i haven't got itunes cash.


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