Sunday, 12 October 2008

IHMES and Flowjob finally have a webpage!

The WoldWideWeb has just become richer. From today on, all fans of good, unique, ingenious, mind-blowing HipHop/Alternative mixtures have a new place to surf on.

This is te new webpage of Flowjob and IHMES, the two Ansbach "incarnations" of groundbreaking tunes.
I am really not a big HipHop fan, but we are not talking about this rather "stupid" and also boring kinds of rap music here, which has been flooding the charts for a much too long time now.
If you click on the music-section at the page, you will find out very quickly, that those two just have what it takes to get you going (amd dancing! ;) ). I am really looking forward to finally see them live, as everybody keeps telling me what great show I missed during my stay in Ireland. Well, I guess they are pretty right --> just check the live-pictures...
And talking about pictures...the photo-design on this page is just great, isn't it? Yes guys, I know where you took them ;)
And to my dear readers: If you haven't known it, yet, IHMES is for the German words "Ist Halt Mal Echt So", which is translated: "Now that's really like that." And I think this is just a perfect phrase to end this post:
Flowjob and IHMES are just billiant. Now, that's really like that!

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