Monday, 6 October 2008

Byebye Oktoberfest!

The biggest fun fair in the world is over since yesterday; or - as some may also put it - the madness has ended!
Sure, all Germans, but especially the Bavarians (!) are very proud of our "Wies'n". It's great fun going there and strolling around, see all the attractions, meet funny people from godknowswhere and having a good time with them all. The atmosphere is "special", no doubt there, but some things are really a bit too "crazy" and here I can't understand the people going there and spending money enough for a 2-week-all-inclusive-vacation-in-a-country-of-their-choice within 3 days just for drinking and eating. The prices are gigantic, that is no secret. But that's not the only madness here.
My sis had the pleasure to be there last Saturday MORNING and shot this picture at 8:50 AM:

No, they are not standing outside for smoking, they are waiting to get IN the beer tents! At 8:50 am. And when the doors are opened at 9.00 the people are running into the tents. My sis told me that she saw girls taking their high heel shoes off, just to be the fastest to get one of the desired tables. And once you are sitting, you better start drinking or eating at once. I was told that people had to leave their table when they did not consume enough of the delicacies offered in every tent...and so on....
Well, what I want to say with that: Be prepared, folks, if you are planning to go there 2009! The Oktoberfest is not a ponyfarm ;) ... but who needs ponies, when you can meet such gorgeous Bavarian girls ;)

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