Friday, 24 October 2008

AnTon. is on again!

Two years of waiting are over and now it’s AnTon. time again! That means that Ansbach is rocking for 3 days with all kinds of newcomer bands from the Franconia area (the big big big Franconia area!).
Woohoo ....a lot of new musical stuff is waiting to be discovered! And we are all curious who will win this “Battle of the Bands” in 2008. So I would say let’s go for this big bunch of fun (and competition!):

next Wednesday, 29th Oct, 6pm, Thursday, 30th Oct 6pm and the finals are on Friday, 31st Oct, 8pm at the Kammerspiele Ansbach.

Some more information? Go to And by the way: the admission is free!

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    I was looking through your blog and found it interesting! I have an art blog here in San Diego and would like to invite you to visit and enjoy and comment.

    I hope you are up to it? Thank you and I hope to see you soon =)


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