Friday, 31 October 2008

An.Ton Day 2 Pics

Her you go, everybody! Some pics of yesterday's Metal/Hardcore/HipHop-Jam (what a mixture!). And also, I am very happy to announce that the selected bands for the finals this evening are:

Chronic Aggression
Dazy Nerds
Flowjob und Ihmes (Wooohoooo!)
Potters Field
The Aesthetic of inner Terror

I am a bit surprised, that Saquana didn't make it .... for me they were also definitely one of the far best bands I saw in those two days. But anyway, they still got some deadly pics from their performance. But see for yourself and enjoy!
An.Ton 2

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Pics of today's An.Ton evening....

... and of the finals tomorrow will be posted here on Saturday at the latest!
Thanks for checking back ;)

First pics of the An.Ton Contest

Great evening yesterday! 14 bands were rocking until midnight! Enjoy the pics!
An.Ton 1

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

„My Pet“ music video is online!

Finally! Since a few days we all can watch a new and quite “interesting” music video on Youtube, MySpace and elsewhere! “I met her on the Internet” performed by Mr Dangerous Dave and the Side Effects from Wicklow, Ireland has finally made it to Technicolor ;) And it’s not only colourful, but also quite amusing…. but see for yourself …… and be prepared: “My Pet” will be stuck in your head for at least two days (I know, what I am talking about) and you surely will be tempted to sing it all the time…. enjoy!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Pictures: Empire Party October 2008

Been to the Empire Party yesterday? And have you been photographed? Well then, that one with the camera was probably me and here are some pics of yesterday's Alternative-Jam. Enjoy!
Empire - The Alternative Party - Oct 25th 2008

Friday, 24 October 2008

AnTon. is on again!

Two years of waiting are over and now it’s AnTon. time again! That means that Ansbach is rocking for 3 days with all kinds of newcomer bands from the Franconia area (the big big big Franconia area!).
Woohoo ....a lot of new musical stuff is waiting to be discovered! And we are all curious who will win this “Battle of the Bands” in 2008. So I would say let’s go for this big bunch of fun (and competition!):

next Wednesday, 29th Oct, 6pm, Thursday, 30th Oct 6pm and the finals are on Friday, 31st Oct, 8pm at the Kammerspiele Ansbach.

Some more information? Go to And by the way: the admission is free!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

What girls like….

… they like a lot of things, too many THINGS as some of you may believe. Well … be it as it is, but most of us girls also like guys. Nice guys: friends, comrades, mates …whatever you’d like to call them.
And if love grows out of a friendship, most of us would say, that’s perfect, wouldn’t we? Some days ago, I listened to Lenny Kravitz’ “I’ll be waiting”. And although I don’t really like this song too much, I did not switch the channel, as I suddenly paid attention to the lyrics. They describe just how we wish our best mates (first half) or lovers (second half) to be. And they also state how we should behave as such. So beautiful! Sure, a bit schmaltzy as well, but hey, it’s a love song, so what did you expect?

He broke your heart
He took your soul
You're hurt inside
'cause there´s a hole,
You need some time to be alone,
Then you will find what you´ve always known,

I´ve seen you cry
Into the night,
I feel your pain,
Can I make it right?
I realize there´s no end in sight,
Yet still I wait
For you to see the light

I´m the one who really loves you, baby
I can´t take it any more

As long as I´m livin´ ,
I´ll be waitin´,
As long as I´m breathin´,
I´ll be there,
Whenever you call me,
I´ll be waitin´,
Whenever you need me,
I´ll be there

You are the only one
I´ve ever known
That makes me feel this way,
Couldn't on my own
I wanna be with you
Until we´re old
You've got the love you need right in front of you
Please come home.

PS: Unless of this very nice lyrics and a lot of other cracking songs, Lenny Kravitz is still not on my imaginary list of definitely ass-kicking musicians. Why? Because he covered “American Woman” from The Guess Who … How could he dare to? You don’t cover from The Guess Who, you just don’t! And even worse, the actual song that came out of this copying is such a poor imitation, I really wonder what Mr. K. was thinking when he recprded it……

Sunday, 12 October 2008

IHMES and Flowjob finally have a webpage!

The WoldWideWeb has just become richer. From today on, all fans of good, unique, ingenious, mind-blowing HipHop/Alternative mixtures have a new place to surf on.

This is te new webpage of Flowjob and IHMES, the two Ansbach "incarnations" of groundbreaking tunes.
I am really not a big HipHop fan, but we are not talking about this rather "stupid" and also boring kinds of rap music here, which has been flooding the charts for a much too long time now.
If you click on the music-section at the page, you will find out very quickly, that those two just have what it takes to get you going (amd dancing! ;) ). I am really looking forward to finally see them live, as everybody keeps telling me what great show I missed during my stay in Ireland. Well, I guess they are pretty right --> just check the live-pictures...
And talking about pictures...the photo-design on this page is just great, isn't it? Yes guys, I know where you took them ;)
And to my dear readers: If you haven't known it, yet, IHMES is for the German words "Ist Halt Mal Echt So", which is translated: "Now that's really like that." And I think this is just a perfect phrase to end this post:
Flowjob and IHMES are just billiant. Now, that's really like that!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

EP: THE SESSIONS is listed as in a relationship

Finally I got it! The first (and last) EP from the Vancouver band "The Sessions" and the time to write an adequate review about it.
So WTF are The Sessions?
A Rock/Indie band from Canada, that always remember me of the Arctic Monkeys.... no wrong: the Arctic Monkeys always remember me of The Sessions!

I had the pleasure to meet them 2006 when they won the Emerganza-Competition for newcomer bands at the Taubertal Festival, Germany. I was strolling around there as a festival journalist and quite far away from the stage they were playing on. Normally I would not have made my way through the huge cluster of drunk people in front of me just to get there. But I realized very quickly that this was not a "normal" band playing there. They really got me from the first beat and from there on The Sessions became one of my very favourite bands (and not only mine!). Their unique, rocking,asskicking sound and especially their extraordinary musical talent (for their young age!!) did not only convince my friends, me and everybody I gave a listen to their music, but also the Emergenza jury. Ok, after reading their press-releases and stuff, it seemed to me, as if they just win every band-competition that is to be won in far away Canada ;)
We had a great time at the Taubertal Festival and in the end I got two demo-CDs (woohoo!) from them as well as some great festival pictures and wrote a lot of articles about them as the best newcomers 2006.
Back in Vancouver the Sessions started touring around all over Canada and the US, wrote a lot of new songs and in spring 2008 they split up..... and after all that they somehow made it to release their first official EP a few months ago. I guess I should be more than happy about this but still I promised myself to see them again live on stage sometime :(
So finally (!) to say something about the EP "The Sessions is listed as in a relationship": Well done, guys, just well done! The six songs

Fatal Attraction
18 Candles
My Love
Say Goodbye Adrienne

are very well selected for an EP. I was not surprised, that "Signs" and "My Love" are on it, as those always seemed the most popular songs for the audience (and also my two favourite ones). Of course all songs were remastered/ new-recorded for the EP. That's why I realized quite a few differences to those I already had as demos. Strangely enough, I like the "rough cut" versions I have of "Signs" and " My Love" better than the "new ones", which partly include new elements, new arrangements or even different intonations (My Love). But nevertheless, those two songs are still overwhelming! Just like the others: "Fatal Attraction" was completely new to me and I really enjoy its unique only-The-Sessions-can-do-that sound. And also the last song "Say Goodbye Adrienne" just goes into your ear and gets stuck there for the rest of the day...
The price of the EP is 9.99 CAD and when you order online you get one more song for free. All I can say here, is: That's definitely more than worth it!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Byebye Oktoberfest!

The biggest fun fair in the world is over since yesterday; or - as some may also put it - the madness has ended!
Sure, all Germans, but especially the Bavarians (!) are very proud of our "Wies'n". It's great fun going there and strolling around, see all the attractions, meet funny people from godknowswhere and having a good time with them all. The atmosphere is "special", no doubt there, but some things are really a bit too "crazy" and here I can't understand the people going there and spending money enough for a 2-week-all-inclusive-vacation-in-a-country-of-their-choice within 3 days just for drinking and eating. The prices are gigantic, that is no secret. But that's not the only madness here.
My sis had the pleasure to be there last Saturday MORNING and shot this picture at 8:50 AM:

No, they are not standing outside for smoking, they are waiting to get IN the beer tents! At 8:50 am. And when the doors are opened at 9.00 the people are running into the tents. My sis told me that she saw girls taking their high heel shoes off, just to be the fastest to get one of the desired tables. And once you are sitting, you better start drinking or eating at once. I was told that people had to leave their table when they did not consume enough of the delicacies offered in every tent...and so on....
Well, what I want to say with that: Be prepared, folks, if you are planning to go there 2009! The Oktoberfest is not a ponyfarm ;) ... but who needs ponies, when you can meet such gorgeous Bavarian girls ;)

Sunday, 5 October 2008

How 'bout some Irish Folk?

It's coming to Veitshöchheim! Irish folk music at its finest at the "Irish Folk Festival" which is touring through Germany. And luckily it will be stopping near Würzburg at October 28th to bring some Irish rhythms to Franconia. The - very Irish - bands Líadan, Niamh Ní Charra & Alan Colfer and Beoga will be performing at the Mainfrankensäle and, I guess, it will just be great fun ... well of course, after all it's IRISH!!

PS: Tickets can be purchased here

Friday, 3 October 2008

"Doing alright, lil' jiving on a Saturday night ... "

"... and come what may, gonna dance the day away ..."
of course everybody knows this song and it's beautiful lyrics. And I really wonder, whether there is anybody, who does not like listening to Sniff 'n' the Tears' "Drivers Seat" from 1978. But does anyone of you know the remake of it? A different arranged (and longer!) version of this song, also performed by Sniff 'n' the Tears? Yes, there is one, and in my opinion, really enjoyable as well. OK, it is not the version, that we are all "used to", but living means changing and who knows, maybe now this will become your new favourite Sniff 'n' the Tears song...

Drivers Seat - Sniffn The Tears

The 3rd of October

Abroad I was asked if the Germans have a national day .... well this is it! Today is the Day Of The German Reunion! And that means we have an official holiday today! Woohoo!