Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Anne and the rockin’ Kid

No, I am definitely not of the opinion, that Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” is a great hit, although German radio stations and run-of-the-mill record stores keep praising it as the “summer hit of the year”.
No, for me it’s not a hit, it is more a defacement of one of the best songs ever written. And that probably is the reason why all the mainstreamers go for it (because they recognise some well-known-because-well-done tunes)
I mean, there are of course some cover songs (also mainstream songs), that are as good as (but still not better than) their originals; just think of “Cat’s in the Cradle”, the various versions of “Roll over Beethoven”, "Wild Wild West" or “Tainted Love”. But you can’t measure up to “Sweet Home Alabama” so easily ....
And also: you don’t have to! There are really a lot of songs in the (alternative and non-alternative) charts right now, that are just great summer hits on their own (i.e. without imitating others). Wanna have some ideas?
Alright, what about Amy Macdonald’s “This is the Life”, the TingTings’ “That’s not my Name” (hey, they even made it to the new "Bravo Hits" Compilation in Germany) or MGMT’s “Electric Feel”? Some more? The new remix of 2Raumwohnung’s “36 Grad” (was great last year, so why not 2008?), Shaggy’s “Feel the Rush”, Beck’s “Gamma Ray”, .... see?

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