Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Yesterday I stumbled over a lovely song, named "Anger" from the Californian Hardcore band "Downset" ( Ok, if you know that band, you may think "lovely? Not exactly....". And there you are pretty right. Let's call it "noisy".... but still: somehow cool. Cool noise. And, I guess, when you are really pissed off something (and angry ;)), it's much better headbanging to Downset's drums and smashing your air-guitar than blowing your furnishing or worse.
So let's just thank those guys for their very good piece of aggression therapy!

And let's also enjoy this fantastic movie scene from "Free Rainer" where this song was used to create just the right atmospere ;) (that's why this song sounded so familiar to me by the way!). One of the best German movies ever made! I think Moritz Bleibtreu is just great as the rich, arrogant asshole Rainer, who - Hollywood-like - changes completely during the plot. The following scene is of course from the first half (the cool one ;)) ... and you get some nice views of the Leipzigerstraße in Berlin....

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