Saturday, 9 August 2008

PS: Special Thanks to MARION!

For leaving back loads and loads of delicious French cheese in the fridge! Just the right thing for my late-night-photo-video-editing-and-chilling-with-The-Who-session.
Marion, you are just great!

PS: See Marion's answer in the "Kommentare" below .... Marion's gonna be our new Hoarsebox promoter in France ;)

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  1. OOOoooh! That's cute! Bitte for all Anne! You were a great roomate! My bruder listened to the CD of Hoarsebox you gave me and he loves it! I'll try to make advert for you in Frankreich! lol. I hope everything is ok "at home". Greetings to Melanie and Stephane (I realize that I have no idea of the way they write their names... I did the same as in French, so sorry for the eventual mistakes...)


    (I found all the german words in the dictionnary! Hope it's the good



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