Thursday, 28 August 2008


The German Festival Summer step by step is drawing to its close now, but we still have one August weekend left to celebrate great open-air gigs until the clubs and pubs open their indoor-stages again.
And I know what all the festival-lovers in Ireland are looking forward these days: yes, it's the Electric Picnic this weekend ( with a great line-up and a lovely homepage (I really have to underline this: it's the nicest Irish festival homepage I have seen this year - only the Dysart (Festival) homepage was nicer, but as their was no festival, it's not a festival homepage, right?).

Anyway, I envy everybody who can go there! And for cheering those up who can't (including me ;) ) : Don't worry, the next picnic is coming and it will be raining this weekend anyway ... FOR SURE ;)

So long, there is only one question remaining for me on this beautiful August summer-day: "Am I ever ever going to see Franz Ferdinand live???"

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