Sunday, 17 August 2008

First week back in Germany

Time flies! It is Sunday again, that means, since one week I am back in good ol' Deutschland now. But still I guess I have not completely acclimatized myself yet. I'm realizing that for example when crossing the street ... yes, in Germany look left first and you better pay attention to the pedestrians' traffic lights, as they really make sense here ;) Luckily I did not try to drive on the left side ....
By the way: Driving! How I missed it! I guess I was driving every day since my arrival: to Stuttgart, to Nürnberg, to the legendary "Krummweiher" (that's the "crooked lake" in English) to have my first swim this year (!!) and I cruised around in the South of county Ansbach and it was just great.
And I enyoyed a lot of more things and was surprised that sometimes I completely had forgotten how enjoyable some little German "day-to-day-life things" really are. Like having a good German “Brotzeit” with my family, the sound of Ansbach's chiming church bells, the pleasant smell of the area where I live or .... the SUN! Oh yes, we have about 27 degrees and almost no clouds (and still I was the only one swimming in the lake today, as the water was obviously too cold for everybody else ;) )
So long, there is a new week to come! Let's go for it ;)

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