Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Not that I was homesick....

… I am still not.
But while packing a big parcel for Germany, some things came to my mind that I am starting to miss about my home country right now. I’ll list them up here to make my German readers proud and it’s all in English to make my Irish readers envious ;).
So, I am really looking forward to enjoy these things, when I come back in August:
- My mum’s cookery (definitely number one!)
- Our garden
- Going swimming in the Krumweiher and the other lakes
- Driving (especially through the southern county of Ansbach)
- The Ansbach Forest (strange but true)
- Chilling in front of our aquariums
- My stereo (together with my CD collection)
- Painting in the sun (the sun!)
- Camp fires
- Weißwurstfrüstück (whew! I am so Bavarian!)
- My bed
- Watching butterflies (there are definitely too few butterflies in Ireland!)
- Sauerkraut with Kassler (yummy!)
- Watching TV on a screen bigger than 40x30 cms
- Baking
- Having (living) plants in every room
- Empire – The Alternative Party
- Smoking water pipe with apple tobacco
- Going out dancing to the Loop, Rakete and the Hirsch in Nürnberg
- Wearing my Drindl’s (traditional Bavarian dresses), especially on a regional Kirchweih Festival, yeeehaa!

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  1. Anne, you forgot some famous people in your life: Your DAD and Martin and Julia


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