Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Liebe Leute ......

...I think I have to clarify something about my "homesick"-list: my dear German people: you have to read more carefully before you complain! That list was about the THINGS I miss, and so of course none of my PEOPLE, none of my "dearies" at home were mentioned. So I think I have to catch up on something: guys, I miss you all:

- Alex (Aaaaaaaaallleeeeexxx!)
- My sister, my brother, my Mum and my Dad
- All my dear friends from Ansbach, County (= Landkreis) Ansbach (Gösseldorf, Flachslanden, Elpersdorf, Sachsen, Burgoberbach, Bechhofen, Ornbau, Herrieden name only some), "Großraum Nürnberg", NRW and God knows where else....
- And of course my dear collegues and friends from university

So long, guys, I am really looking forward to see you all at my "Back-In-Germany"-Party on August 16th ..... woooohhooo!

Hugs and Kisses from the Island!

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