Thursday, 12 June 2008

Irland - Ein Wettbewerb

den mein Lieblingssender Phantom 105.2 ( ausgeschrieben hat. Es geht um Slogans für Eire. Hier meine Favoriten, obwohl...das mit dem Regen haben wir ja schon geklärt, gell?

Come to Ireland. Its not Disneyland but its better than Wales.
Ireland- All the cool kids are doing it!
Ireland - bring a brolly, bring money, receive hangover.
Ireland-it doesn't rain in the pub
Ireland - We don't have geysers. You're thinking of Iceland
Ireland-when you see a leprechaun (Troll), U know u are home
Ireland - you'll get AWAY (with anything, sure look at the Taoiseach ) :-)(Insider)
Ireland were madness and mayhem is a part of life
Ireland. Destination Utopia - saints, sinners, humans all guaranteed a unique experience...
Ireland , puts the I in I'm drunk
Ireland. the emerald in Europe's crown
Britain with the euro
Ireland - ah go on
Ireland: where the inflation rate will eat up your spending money quicker than you can say "how much for the leprechaun hat"
Come to Ireland where people expect you to be drunk
Ireland 10 billion gallons me rain can't be wrong
Ireland Cheap to get there by air
Ireland, a grand little country...Once u put a roof over it!!
Ireland- last lunch before Guantanamo Bay (HAMMER!!!)
Ireland- nearly great at a lot of things...really great at drinking!
Ireland - If you like Poland you'll love it (Insider)
The rain in Spain falls mainly in Ireland

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