Friday, 11 April 2008

Und noch eine...

....zum Englisch-Slang aufbessern ;-)
Date of Birth:Decembre 31st 1984
Current Location:Blackrock, Co. Dublin
Eye Color:grey-green
Hair Color:dark blonde
Height:169 cms
Band/Singer:The Sessions, Hoarsebox, Jet, Franz Ferdinand, White Stripes, The Who, The Doors, Hendrix, Joplin, Cat Stevens, QOTSA, RATM, Led Zeppelin, The Kinks, Oasis, the Verve, Kasabian, Mando Diau, 3 Doors Down, Kaiser Chiefs, you know, stuff like that
Song:at the moment: Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down
Movie:at the moment: Eurotrip (yes, I know...shut up!)
Disney Movie:Aladdin
TV show:Malcolm in the Middle, Simpsons, Queen Millennia, She-Ra
Color:Y E L L O W
Pizza topping:ham, artichockes, tomatoes, olives, lots of cheese
Ice-Cream Flavor:tiramisu
Drink (alcoholic):Malibu
Store:lots (but NO chains)
Clothing Brand:ha ha
Shoe Brand:ha ha ha ha
Holiday/Festival:Eastern!!!! and Altstadtfest Ansbach
Make-Up Item:my own face
Board game:the "Frau Knüppeldütz" Game (you know what I mean, don't you?)
This or That
Sunny or rainy:sunny
Chocolate or vanilla:Vanilla
Fruit or veggie:fruit
Night or day:both
Sour or sweet:sweetysweet
Love or money:lots of love and some money wouldn't be too bad
Phone or in person:person
Looks or personality:both ("ein Auge auf der Backe, das andere auf der Stirn....")
Coffee or tea:tea
Hot or cold:hot
Goal for this year:still: find a theme for my diploma thesis
Most missed memory:still: Alex in my bed
Best physical feature:find out for yourself
First thought waking up:it is too bright in this room
Hypothetical personality disorder:I can fly
Preferred type of plastic surgery:excuse me?
Sesame street alter ego:Tiffy
Fairytale alter ego:Rapunzel
Most stupid remark:"I like all kinds of music"
Worst crime:torture, raping, character assassination
Greatest ambition:have a happy life
Greatest fear:being alone, suffering severe illness
Darkest secret:ha ha!
Favorite subject:my pc and my cam
Strangest received gift:some strange people being brought to my parties by others
Worst habit:sometimes a bit loud, but, hey, I like it
Do You:
Curse:tryin' not to
Shower daily:not daily
Like thunderstorms:no
Dance in the rain:not in Ireland
Sing:oh yes!
Play an instrument:english flute
Get along with your parents:yep
Wish on stars:no
Believe in fate:just in God
Believe in love at first sight:why not? It seems to work...
Can You:
Drive:and how!
Sew:of course
Cook:oh yes
Speak another language:two
Sing:others told me so
Touch your nose with your tongue:no
Curl your tongue:no!
Have You Ever:
Been Drunk:think so
Been Stoned/High:passive (thanks, SIDO!)
Eaten Sushi:no
Been in Love:I am still
Skipped school:no
Made prank calls:of course!
Sent someone a love letter:oh yes!
Stolen something:at least I don't remember
Cried yourself to sleep:yes
Other Questions:
What annoys you most in a person?silliness
Are you right or left handed?middle - left
What is your bedtime?depends
Name three things you can't live without:Alex, family, friends
What is the color of your room?at the moment: rosé
Do you have any siblings?yes
Do you have any pets?no
Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars?no!
What is you middle name?none
What are you nicknames?Anne
Are you for or against gay marriage?for!!
What are your thoughts on abortion?suckers, stick to your "mistakes",after all it's you fault and not that of you child!
Do you have a crush on anyone?Alex
Are you afraid of the dark?never was
How do you want to die?being shot...quick and painless
What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on one day?10 I would guess
Would you take a bullet for the one you love?yes
What is the last law you’ve broken?walking the street whan "red" ;-)
In a Member of the Opposite Sex:
Hair color:dark brown
Eye color:light - blue
Height180 cms
Weight70 kgs
Most important physical feature:Has to be Alex from tip to toe
Biggest turn-offdrunk people
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