Sunday, 28 December 2008

Empire Party December - Pics!

To all the rockin' party people who were at the Kammer last night. Here are the pictures of the last Empire in 2008. Enjoy ;)

Empire - The Alternative Party, Dec 27th 2008

The shoe we all love ....

.... the Converse Allstar has its 100th Anniversary in 2008.
As a little tribute to the only shoes that get even cooler the longer you wear them (nothing looks weirder than casefresh Chucks, don't you think?), enjoy this little photo project. "Ten Pictures out of the life of a Chuck".......

10 Pictures of of the life of a Chuck

Thursday, 25 December 2008

The Ultimate Christmas Saw....

"Christmas Spirit is not what you drink." (Ian Anderson)

This lovely (and very true) words are part of the lyrics of Jethro Tull's Christmas Song ... enjoy this little "poem" and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Once in royal David's city
Stood a lonely cattle shed,
Where a mother held her baby.
You'd do well to remember the things he later said.

When youre stuffing yourselves at the Christmas parties,
You'll just laugh when I tell you to take a running jump.
You're missing the point I'm sure does not need making
That Christmas spirit is not what you drink.

So how can you laugh when your own mother's hungry,
And how can you smile when the reasons for smiling are wrong?
And if I just messed up your thoughtless pleasures,
Remember, if you wish, this is just a Christmas song.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Hoarsebox on Balcony TV Ireland

Enjoy Folks, this is the accoustic version of "Rosey"...

Forgot something......

... one of my most favourite Simpsons-Clips is also from 2008. And I even found it on Youtube, what hopefully means, that I am not the only one who's rolling on the floor laughing everytime I'm watching it. And now you are curious, right ;)
So here it is, best Simpsons-Clip of 2008: Otto's Lute-Solo, yes!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

2008 - A musical Résumé

The year is slowly but surely drawing to it’s close and so I guess it’s time for a little individual “retrospection” of 2008’s musical achievements ;)
Here are my personal charts for the best releases of this year, a list of CDs that I think all of you should have in their collection by now. And if not: Christmas is coming …. And maybe some of your dearies don’t have suitable presents, yet:

Noisy Crumb’s Top Ten CD-Releases 2008

LCD Soundsystem – LCD Soundsystem
Hoarsebox – Cuckooland EP
Beck – Modern Guilt
The Sessions – The Sessions I Listed In A Relationship EP
Primal Scream – Beautiful Future
Jape – Ritual
MGMT – Oracular Spectacular EP
Peter Fox – Stadtaffe
The Subways – All Or Nothing
The TingTings – We Started Nothing

Apart from those few albums, there were also some Singles/Songs released 2008 that really striked my ears and also became part of my personal Best-of-2008-soundtrack. Here is a (small) assortment

Noisy Crumb’s Top 15 Songs/Singles 2008

Death Cab For Cutie – I will posses your Heart
My Morning Jacket – Touch me I am going to Scream
Bell X1 - Flame
Lykke Li – I’m Good I’m Gone
The Faint - The Geeks were right
Fujiya & Miyagi - Knickerbocker Glory
Ida Corr – Let me think about it
Flowjob und Ihmes – Schlager-Stelldichein
Alex Gaudino – Destination Unknown
Coldplay – Violet Hill
Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses
Future Kings of Spain – Syndicate
Bloc Party – Talons
Amy Macdonald – This is the Life
Ida Maria – I like you so much better when you’re naked

So, I guess now it only remains for me to say that I hope you all agree …. ;)

Monday, 1 December 2008

How 'bout some COLOUR ?

Yeah, the Japanese definitely LIKE colour. And techno music. And little girls hopping around in fancy clothes. Combine all that and you get a music band like the following. I don't know their name to be honest, as I actually was not feeling like spending any more brain power in researching for that. And it doesn't really matter anyway. This surely is the worst music video I've ever seen.
And if you are looking for a new hardcore challenge, try to watch this until the end!
My personal record is 60 seconds but this really was more than enough for me.

And I always thought, that "Sailor Moon" was terrible enough for this world ....

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Empire pics?

Just, if you are wondering: Unfortunately there will be no nc - pics of this month's Empire! Check

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Südwild goes Ansbach

This week the Südwild Crew from the Bavarian TV station "BR" is broadcasting their daily live show from the Montgelasplatz, Ansbach. Cool enough, that they are finally stopping by at my cosy hometown, but even better: they chose some of the best musicians from Ansbach to perform during their shows. For example the nationally well-known a cappella combo "Vivy Voce" or the gound-breaking rap-newcomers "Flowjob und Ihmes" (I hope you still remember them ;) ).
Here are the first recordings of the shows and of course there is more to come until Friday. So if you're interested in good music, hot topics and some nice shots of Ansbach, this is where you should go to:


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

UPDATED DAT20 CHARTS for week number 48 -->

Don't forget: It's EMPIRE time!

The last weekend in Novermber is coming, which means that EMPIRE is on again! We'll be rocking the Kammerspiele, Ansbach on Saturday!

start: 21:30 Uhr - get in: 5 €

This time EMPIRE will also be a CD-release Party for THE KILLERS new album "Day and Age" with a lot of Killers CDs and merch to be won!
Photos of the eveing will be published here and as usual on the EMPIRE homepage.

EMPIRE will be part of you - if you are part of it! Keep on rocking!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

We all love the Web 2.0 ....

... don't we? This film was produced by the Museum of Media History (FL/USA) in 2005 and designs a scenario for our (digital) future until 2015.
As we have 2008 already, it's quite interesting to see what has become reality already.... and I am definitely of the opinion that not only media students should now it ;)

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

1 .. 2 .. 3 .. from Ireland to Germany ..

... or to the US? Mr O Leary from Ryanair has big plans for future trans-Atlantic flights ... yes, he has indeed .... and I am sure that the German translator really enjoyed her job on this press-conference:

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Peter Fox tour starting next week!

Yeah! Peter Fox is starting his first solo tour across Germany, Switzerland and Austria. If you wanna catch Mr Fox and the Stadtaffen somewhere near you, here are the dates:

28.11.08 Osnabrück - Rosenhof
01.12.08 Mannheim - Capitol
02.12.08 Wien (A) - Arena
03.12.08 Nürnberg - Hirsch --> woohoo!
06.12.08 München - Muffathalle
07.12.08 Zürich (CH) - Palais Xtra
08.12.08 Köln - LMH
09.12.08 Dresden - Schlachthof
10.12.08 Hamburg - Grosse Freiheit
12.12.08 Berlin - Postbahnhof

Tickets can be ordered at your booking office.

Friday, 14 November 2008

IT crowd 3rd series starting next Friday!

Yay! Jen, Moss and Roy are on the telly again!

.....that's all you need to know ;)

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Hoarsebox are conquering ....

.... and for that they recorded some really enjoyable (music) videos together with the MUZU team. All the new stuff - including a music video for one of their NEW SONGs - can be watched at .
Wanna have a little "pretaste"? Sure! Here you go.....

Hoarsebox - Hoarsebox-MuzuSessions-Interview on MUZU.

Some more?

Hoarsebox - Hoarsebox-MuzuSessions-CryingInTheBathroom on MUZU.

Even more? Well now I'd really suggest: go to ;)

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Happy Birthday, Loriot!

Victor von Bülow alias Loriot is often said to be a legend for the German comedy. An admirable filmmaker, cartoonist and poet. And today it is his 85th birthday.
So a very Happy Birthday and a big big Thank You, Mr. Bülow for every single laugh you gave us!

„Die Torte im menschlichen Antlitz ist einer der bedeutendsten Einfälle des internationalen Humors.“ - Loriot

Monday, 10 November 2008

Anne's Saw of the Day

Did you ever realize that Steppenwolf's "It's never too late" and The Verve's "Lucky Man" somehow sound a bit similar to each other?

Thursday, 6 November 2008

DAT 20 Charts on noisy crumb

Noisy Crumb is now an official publisher of the weekly announced DAT 20 Charts (Deutsche Alternativ und Trend Charts). So if you wanna know what Singles are rocking your crowd at the moment, see the right column for details -->
Also, it's very interesting to see, especially for my international readers, how "far behind" we Germans can be with our "Top 20" sometimes! I mean, MGMT's "Kids" was on top of the UK and Irish charts in March! But on the other hand "Good things need time..." right?

The Subways on Tour in Germany

For everyone, who didn't know yet: The Subways are touring all over Germany in November, so hurry up, some tickets for the following shows are still left!

06 Nov 2008 20:00 - LMH Köln/Cologne
18 Nov 2008 20:00 - Longhorn Stuttgart
19 Nov 2008 20:00 - Zeche Bochum
20 Nov 2008 20:00 - Skaters Palace Münster
22 Nov 2008 20:00 - Batschkapp Frankfurt

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The real philosophs...

Here are some - I think - briliant lyrics, that striked my ear recently. From Rod Steward's "Oh la la" which, some may know it from the Irish Meteor TV commercials and which was also covered by some others...
When I read these lyric then, I just thought "Yes, that's exactly how it is" (or actually, I guess I was thinking "Is Halt Mal Echt So" ;) but never mind about that). That's exactly how life can treat everyone (not only guys!) and it's one more good example for the statement, that song writers are the real philosoph's of this world. And that just because they tell the sheer, blank truth......

Poor old grandad
I laughed at all his words,
I thought he was a bitter man
(When) He spoke of women's ways.
They'll trap you, and use you
And before you ever know;
For love is blind and you're far too kind,
don't ever let it show.

I wish - that - I knew what I know now
when I was younger
I wish - that - I knew what I know now
when I was stronger.

The Can-Can's such a pretty show
it steals your heart away
The backstage's back on earth again
the dressing rooms are great.
They come on strong and it ain't too long
for to make ya' feel a man.
But love is blind and ya soon will find
you're just a boy again.

I wish - that - I knew what I know now
when I was younger
I wish - that - I knew what I know now
when I was stronger.

When you want her lips, you get her cheek
makes you wonder where ya are.
If you want some more then
she's fast asleep,
leaves you twinklin' with the stars.
Poor young grandson, there's
nothing I can say,
you'll have to learn just like me,
and that's the hardest way.

Without words ... well at least not mine ;)

discovered on ;)

Saturday, 1 November 2008

An.Ton FINALS!!!!

And the winner is .... well actually everybody playing in the An.Ton finals should be regarded as a winner, don't you think? So the better question is, who became "number one"? This is, how the jury decided:

1) Dazy Nerds
2) Potters Field
3) Chronic Aggression
4) The Aesthetic of inner terror
5) Flowjob & Ihmes

And the pics of all those final competitors
An.Ton 3

As you may have noticed, I made no pictures of the special guests "Peilsender", who won the last An.Ton in 2006 and who also performed yesterday.
Very talented guys, really, but unfortunately, they did not really "fit" into the program. Actually they didn't fit at all. Why? Let me put it like this: Would "Tokio Hotel" fit as support band for a "Turbonegro" gig.....?

Friday, 31 October 2008

An.Ton Day 2 Pics

Her you go, everybody! Some pics of yesterday's Metal/Hardcore/HipHop-Jam (what a mixture!). And also, I am very happy to announce that the selected bands for the finals this evening are:

Chronic Aggression
Dazy Nerds
Flowjob und Ihmes (Wooohoooo!)
Potters Field
The Aesthetic of inner Terror

I am a bit surprised, that Saquana didn't make it .... for me they were also definitely one of the far best bands I saw in those two days. But anyway, they still got some deadly pics from their performance. But see for yourself and enjoy!
An.Ton 2

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Pics of today's An.Ton evening....

... and of the finals tomorrow will be posted here on Saturday at the latest!
Thanks for checking back ;)

First pics of the An.Ton Contest

Great evening yesterday! 14 bands were rocking until midnight! Enjoy the pics!
An.Ton 1

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

„My Pet“ music video is online!

Finally! Since a few days we all can watch a new and quite “interesting” music video on Youtube, MySpace and elsewhere! “I met her on the Internet” performed by Mr Dangerous Dave and the Side Effects from Wicklow, Ireland has finally made it to Technicolor ;) And it’s not only colourful, but also quite amusing…. but see for yourself …… and be prepared: “My Pet” will be stuck in your head for at least two days (I know, what I am talking about) and you surely will be tempted to sing it all the time…. enjoy!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Pictures: Empire Party October 2008

Been to the Empire Party yesterday? And have you been photographed? Well then, that one with the camera was probably me and here are some pics of yesterday's Alternative-Jam. Enjoy!
Empire - The Alternative Party - Oct 25th 2008

Friday, 24 October 2008

AnTon. is on again!

Two years of waiting are over and now it’s AnTon. time again! That means that Ansbach is rocking for 3 days with all kinds of newcomer bands from the Franconia area (the big big big Franconia area!).
Woohoo ....a lot of new musical stuff is waiting to be discovered! And we are all curious who will win this “Battle of the Bands” in 2008. So I would say let’s go for this big bunch of fun (and competition!):

next Wednesday, 29th Oct, 6pm, Thursday, 30th Oct 6pm and the finals are on Friday, 31st Oct, 8pm at the Kammerspiele Ansbach.

Some more information? Go to And by the way: the admission is free!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

What girls like….

… they like a lot of things, too many THINGS as some of you may believe. Well … be it as it is, but most of us girls also like guys. Nice guys: friends, comrades, mates …whatever you’d like to call them.
And if love grows out of a friendship, most of us would say, that’s perfect, wouldn’t we? Some days ago, I listened to Lenny Kravitz’ “I’ll be waiting”. And although I don’t really like this song too much, I did not switch the channel, as I suddenly paid attention to the lyrics. They describe just how we wish our best mates (first half) or lovers (second half) to be. And they also state how we should behave as such. So beautiful! Sure, a bit schmaltzy as well, but hey, it’s a love song, so what did you expect?

He broke your heart
He took your soul
You're hurt inside
'cause there´s a hole,
You need some time to be alone,
Then you will find what you´ve always known,

I´ve seen you cry
Into the night,
I feel your pain,
Can I make it right?
I realize there´s no end in sight,
Yet still I wait
For you to see the light

I´m the one who really loves you, baby
I can´t take it any more

As long as I´m livin´ ,
I´ll be waitin´,
As long as I´m breathin´,
I´ll be there,
Whenever you call me,
I´ll be waitin´,
Whenever you need me,
I´ll be there

You are the only one
I´ve ever known
That makes me feel this way,
Couldn't on my own
I wanna be with you
Until we´re old
You've got the love you need right in front of you
Please come home.

PS: Unless of this very nice lyrics and a lot of other cracking songs, Lenny Kravitz is still not on my imaginary list of definitely ass-kicking musicians. Why? Because he covered “American Woman” from The Guess Who … How could he dare to? You don’t cover from The Guess Who, you just don’t! And even worse, the actual song that came out of this copying is such a poor imitation, I really wonder what Mr. K. was thinking when he recprded it……

Sunday, 12 October 2008

IHMES and Flowjob finally have a webpage!

The WoldWideWeb has just become richer. From today on, all fans of good, unique, ingenious, mind-blowing HipHop/Alternative mixtures have a new place to surf on.

This is te new webpage of Flowjob and IHMES, the two Ansbach "incarnations" of groundbreaking tunes.
I am really not a big HipHop fan, but we are not talking about this rather "stupid" and also boring kinds of rap music here, which has been flooding the charts for a much too long time now.
If you click on the music-section at the page, you will find out very quickly, that those two just have what it takes to get you going (amd dancing! ;) ). I am really looking forward to finally see them live, as everybody keeps telling me what great show I missed during my stay in Ireland. Well, I guess they are pretty right --> just check the live-pictures...
And talking about pictures...the photo-design on this page is just great, isn't it? Yes guys, I know where you took them ;)
And to my dear readers: If you haven't known it, yet, IHMES is for the German words "Ist Halt Mal Echt So", which is translated: "Now that's really like that." And I think this is just a perfect phrase to end this post:
Flowjob and IHMES are just billiant. Now, that's really like that!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

EP: THE SESSIONS is listed as in a relationship

Finally I got it! The first (and last) EP from the Vancouver band "The Sessions" and the time to write an adequate review about it.
So WTF are The Sessions?
A Rock/Indie band from Canada, that always remember me of the Arctic Monkeys.... no wrong: the Arctic Monkeys always remember me of The Sessions!

I had the pleasure to meet them 2006 when they won the Emerganza-Competition for newcomer bands at the Taubertal Festival, Germany. I was strolling around there as a festival journalist and quite far away from the stage they were playing on. Normally I would not have made my way through the huge cluster of drunk people in front of me just to get there. But I realized very quickly that this was not a "normal" band playing there. They really got me from the first beat and from there on The Sessions became one of my very favourite bands (and not only mine!). Their unique, rocking,asskicking sound and especially their extraordinary musical talent (for their young age!!) did not only convince my friends, me and everybody I gave a listen to their music, but also the Emergenza jury. Ok, after reading their press-releases and stuff, it seemed to me, as if they just win every band-competition that is to be won in far away Canada ;)
We had a great time at the Taubertal Festival and in the end I got two demo-CDs (woohoo!) from them as well as some great festival pictures and wrote a lot of articles about them as the best newcomers 2006.
Back in Vancouver the Sessions started touring around all over Canada and the US, wrote a lot of new songs and in spring 2008 they split up..... and after all that they somehow made it to release their first official EP a few months ago. I guess I should be more than happy about this but still I promised myself to see them again live on stage sometime :(
So finally (!) to say something about the EP "The Sessions is listed as in a relationship": Well done, guys, just well done! The six songs

Fatal Attraction
18 Candles
My Love
Say Goodbye Adrienne

are very well selected for an EP. I was not surprised, that "Signs" and "My Love" are on it, as those always seemed the most popular songs for the audience (and also my two favourite ones). Of course all songs were remastered/ new-recorded for the EP. That's why I realized quite a few differences to those I already had as demos. Strangely enough, I like the "rough cut" versions I have of "Signs" and " My Love" better than the "new ones", which partly include new elements, new arrangements or even different intonations (My Love). But nevertheless, those two songs are still overwhelming! Just like the others: "Fatal Attraction" was completely new to me and I really enjoy its unique only-The-Sessions-can-do-that sound. And also the last song "Say Goodbye Adrienne" just goes into your ear and gets stuck there for the rest of the day...
The price of the EP is 9.99 CAD and when you order online you get one more song for free. All I can say here, is: That's definitely more than worth it!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Byebye Oktoberfest!

The biggest fun fair in the world is over since yesterday; or - as some may also put it - the madness has ended!
Sure, all Germans, but especially the Bavarians (!) are very proud of our "Wies'n". It's great fun going there and strolling around, see all the attractions, meet funny people from godknowswhere and having a good time with them all. The atmosphere is "special", no doubt there, but some things are really a bit too "crazy" and here I can't understand the people going there and spending money enough for a 2-week-all-inclusive-vacation-in-a-country-of-their-choice within 3 days just for drinking and eating. The prices are gigantic, that is no secret. But that's not the only madness here.
My sis had the pleasure to be there last Saturday MORNING and shot this picture at 8:50 AM:

No, they are not standing outside for smoking, they are waiting to get IN the beer tents! At 8:50 am. And when the doors are opened at 9.00 the people are running into the tents. My sis told me that she saw girls taking their high heel shoes off, just to be the fastest to get one of the desired tables. And once you are sitting, you better start drinking or eating at once. I was told that people had to leave their table when they did not consume enough of the delicacies offered in every tent...and so on....
Well, what I want to say with that: Be prepared, folks, if you are planning to go there 2009! The Oktoberfest is not a ponyfarm ;) ... but who needs ponies, when you can meet such gorgeous Bavarian girls ;)

Sunday, 5 October 2008

How 'bout some Irish Folk?

It's coming to Veitshöchheim! Irish folk music at its finest at the "Irish Folk Festival" which is touring through Germany. And luckily it will be stopping near Würzburg at October 28th to bring some Irish rhythms to Franconia. The - very Irish - bands Líadan, Niamh Ní Charra & Alan Colfer and Beoga will be performing at the Mainfrankensäle and, I guess, it will just be great fun ... well of course, after all it's IRISH!!

PS: Tickets can be purchased here

Friday, 3 October 2008

"Doing alright, lil' jiving on a Saturday night ... "

"... and come what may, gonna dance the day away ..."
of course everybody knows this song and it's beautiful lyrics. And I really wonder, whether there is anybody, who does not like listening to Sniff 'n' the Tears' "Drivers Seat" from 1978. But does anyone of you know the remake of it? A different arranged (and longer!) version of this song, also performed by Sniff 'n' the Tears? Yes, there is one, and in my opinion, really enjoyable as well. OK, it is not the version, that we are all "used to", but living means changing and who knows, maybe now this will become your new favourite Sniff 'n' the Tears song...

Drivers Seat - Sniffn The Tears

The 3rd of October

Abroad I was asked if the Germans have a national day .... well this is it! Today is the Day Of The German Reunion! And that means we have an official holiday today! Woohoo!

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

"You have to remain faithful to your guitar!"

And so what happens, when you two-time your dear guitar and sleep with a drum set???
This highly philosophical question is answered by Angelo Sommerfeld and Fludid, whom some of you may know as the singer from the former legendary German band MCF. Enjoy! And for those, who don't get the words: Learn the Franconian dialect - "German for gods" ;)

Friday, 26 September 2008

Cockpit Rock 'n' Roll

Today I discovered this great article of "Spiegel online". It's consisting only of true and very funny stories that the "Spiegel" readers experienced while travelling with planes all around the globe. Cows on the runway, Rock 'n' Roll in the thunderstorm, time difference of 100 years and bord computers with the typical Windows XP bugs .... have fun reading:

Spiegel Online

By the way, I am not surprised that most of those funny quotes are from crew members of English or Irish airlines... hehe, no I am not surprised at all ;)

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

*lol* and *rofl* ...

... well that's what I did when I watched this video yesterday nights. Just a very "unique" and well done merging of a lovely (!) song and a TV series so stupid that it becomes just legendary again (I for one really enjoyed it whilst my stay in Ireland). And now you should wonder "Which song? Which series?"..... well, just watch ;)

PS: I just discovered .... this is also great ....oh geez, the accent, the accent!!!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Dreamy Late Night Driving

Driving a car at night can be great, really really great (just like late night writing by the way;) ). Presumed that you are not too drunk and not too drained of course (of course;) ). And: presumed that you have adequate music in your stereo that enhances the dreamy, cosy atmosphere a late-night-drive can bring along ..... where the road seems to belong to you and even so does the whole world ..... until your snarling front-seat passenger remembers you that you are not that alone at all ....
Well anyway to have a little selection of these only-to-play-after-dusk-songs ready in any case, I created the following compilation. I guess anyone having a fable for good music has these songs at home, but, I am pretty sure, not in this combination. So tinker them together out of your collection and ..... just enjoy!

1) Depeche Mode - Dream On
2) QOTSA - You got a Killer Scene there, Man...
3) Snow Patrol – Shut your Eyes
4) Starsailor – Four to the Floor
5) DCFC – I will possess your heart (the whole 8:30 mins!)
6) Fields of the Nephilim - Wail of summer
7) My Morning Jacket – Touch me I am going to scream
8) Jethro Tull – it’s up to me (that's a real jewel!)
9) Sniff'n The Tears - Driver's Seat
10) MGMT – Electric Feel (NOT the remix!! Geez...)
11) Timberlake – What goes around comes around
12) Keane - Bedshaped
13) QOTSA - Make It With Chu
14) Air - Talisman
and finally - when the dawn of a new day comes- :

15) Nina Simone - Feeling Good (Yes, it HAS to be the very original, not that version from Muse or anybody else)

Oh, and if you are looking for a name for this compilation, how about "Sunrise Mood"? Nice, isn't it? But unfortunately this is also the name of a different compilation, a friend made for me ages ago. So we just have to name this new one "Sunrise Mood II" and everyone's happy.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

What The New Sound Magazine has to say about Cuckooland:

The New Sound Magazine about Hoarsebox’s Cuckooland (Issue: Sept 2008)

The final offering of the month made the biggest impression. Hoarse Box is a four man band out of Ireland. The EP they sent in has five songs on it in a pop/rock style. The packaging was a simple, mostly cardboard, case with a hand drawn mascot figure as a consistent theme throughout. I liked the simple use of color and art and felt it represented the band well. A track list was on the back and the inside cover had the who-does-what next to hand drawn pictures of the band members. Also contained within was basic contact and production information.

Seeing the band was from Ireland before I listened to it gave me some preconceived thought as to how they would sound. I imagined a U2 or Cranberries type of somber approach, and was surprised by music that was quite the contrary. The arrangements were tight and upbeat. The music was light and full of energy. Overall a complete musical identity was portrayed and the consistent musicianship was a joy to listen to.

These guys are all very talented musicians and while I can't identify one talent above another, this speaks more to the consistency of the band members rather than there being a weak link. Most impressive was the use of jazz progressions throughout while laying a nice rock feel over it. Johnny Holden's keyboards seem to be the glue holding many of these difficult arrangements together, but there are no weaknesses from any of the band members.

I was thoroughly impressed with all four members vocally. While most bands can't put up one decent singer Hoarse Box seems to have four. I really enjoyed the use of dissonance and staccato rhythms that usually expose any vocal weakness. With Hoarse Box, however, it just drew me in and flowed really well. They must have fun writing the vocal arrangements knowing they can do almost anything with it, and pull it off.[…]

Production was very clean and balanced. Philip Blaise Magee and Ger McDonnel stayed true to the sound and presented a great musical picture. There seemed to be special attention placed on each and every note. There was a small lack of depth throughout but it fit the music. I would have liked to hear a heavier bass though.

I enjoyed what Hoarse Box sent and would love to hear more. […]

Written by: J.J. Reimer, published: 9/15/2008, The New Sound Magazine
(and I completely agree!)

Thursday, 11 September 2008

This is .....

... one of the best TV commercials ever made.
Why? Because it's telling the bizarre, terrible, beautiful truth. And every design-/media-student will confirm this for you ......

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Yesterday I stumbled over a lovely song, named "Anger" from the Californian Hardcore band "Downset" ( Ok, if you know that band, you may think "lovely? Not exactly....". And there you are pretty right. Let's call it "noisy".... but still: somehow cool. Cool noise. And, I guess, when you are really pissed off something (and angry ;)), it's much better headbanging to Downset's drums and smashing your air-guitar than blowing your furnishing or worse.
So let's just thank those guys for their very good piece of aggression therapy!

And let's also enjoy this fantastic movie scene from "Free Rainer" where this song was used to create just the right atmospere ;) (that's why this song sounded so familiar to me by the way!). One of the best German movies ever made! I think Moritz Bleibtreu is just great as the rich, arrogant asshole Rainer, who - Hollywood-like - changes completely during the plot. The following scene is of course from the first half (the cool one ;)) ... and you get some nice views of the Leipzigerstraße in Berlin....

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Anne and the rockin’ Kid

No, I am definitely not of the opinion, that Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” is a great hit, although German radio stations and run-of-the-mill record stores keep praising it as the “summer hit of the year”.
No, for me it’s not a hit, it is more a defacement of one of the best songs ever written. And that probably is the reason why all the mainstreamers go for it (because they recognise some well-known-because-well-done tunes)
I mean, there are of course some cover songs (also mainstream songs), that are as good as (but still not better than) their originals; just think of “Cat’s in the Cradle”, the various versions of “Roll over Beethoven”, "Wild Wild West" or “Tainted Love”. But you can’t measure up to “Sweet Home Alabama” so easily ....
And also: you don’t have to! There are really a lot of songs in the (alternative and non-alternative) charts right now, that are just great summer hits on their own (i.e. without imitating others). Wanna have some ideas?
Alright, what about Amy Macdonald’s “This is the Life”, the TingTings’ “That’s not my Name” (hey, they even made it to the new "Bravo Hits" Compilation in Germany) or MGMT’s “Electric Feel”? Some more? The new remix of 2Raumwohnung’s “36 Grad” (was great last year, so why not 2008?), Shaggy’s “Feel the Rush”, Beck’s “Gamma Ray”, .... see?

What the channel "Fox" has to say about Carmel Conway....

... this:

Fox NY about Carmel Conway

Lovely, just lovely!

Our TV-Hero is back

... well actually anyone can buy all those old legendary series, like Parker Lewis ("der Coole von der Schule") on DVD, but, let's be honest, who really buys ALL those series that he or she once liked? Ok, at least I don't ;)
And that's why I am so happy, that Eddy told me about Whew, now that's a cool thing. On this (German) website you can watch most movies and series for free or pay a fee and download them in high quality.
And here they also have some episodes of Parker Lewis, the series that everybody in my family was fan of when it was on German TV in the 90s (geez, look at the clothes!). Now I know, what I will do tonight: Watching back-to-back Parker Lewis, eating lots of candy and wallowing in nostalgic memories ;)

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

They are young, they are bored ....

..... and they like the Strokes! Combine all this and you get a video like the following ....


.....and now you know what kind of entertainment makes the Treuheits-Sisters rolling on the floor laughing. Well ....
.... maybe because we are just too young and too bored these days ;)

Anne's Saw of the Day / Annes Weisheit des Tages

"Metal" is a short term of "Heavy Metal" and it is NOT a genre of its own! No No No!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

My German Summer Song ...

Yes, yes I know, there are surely many other great summer songs from German artists, that are more funky, rocking and spreading good vibrtions for a hot summer day. One or two may think of "Seeed", "Wir Sind Helden" or the "Waikiki Beach Bombers", when stating their favourite German summer tunes ... and normally I WOULD TOO! But since I heard Sebastian Hämer's "Sommer unseres Lebens" for the first time 2006, it is somehow stuck in my head as my wooohoo-the-sun-comes-out-and-I-want-to-sing-something-German-song.
It's probably because of it's gorgeous (and ver true) lyrics. So gorgeous, that I translated them into English to let all of my readers know - and live - them. But let's start with the originals:

Sommer unseres Lebens

Komm wir tun es heute,
Die Gelegenheit ist gut
Wenn wir werden wie andere Leute
Fehlt uns neben Zeit der Mut
Was wir jetzt nicht wagen
Können wir morgen eh begraben
Oder kannst du mir sagen
Worauf wir noch warten?
Denn der Anfang ist gemacht
Seit wir zum ersten Mal daran gedacht
Ham und die Segel sind gesetzt
Steig halt ein, denn Abfahrt ist jetzt
Zum Sommer unseres Lebens
Komm lass uns einfach gehen
Wir werden ein Leben davon zehren
Dies wird der Sommer unsres Lebens
Wir müssen ihn uns einfach nehmen
Es ist gar nicht so schwer

Solche Chancen gibt es selten
Sag mir wann, wenn nicht sofort
Wirklich glaub mir wir sind Helden
Bitte gib mir nur ein Wort
All die Sorgen, werden zu Schwächen, wie Intrigen und Lästereien
Und morgen wird gestern schon vorgestern sein
Offensichtlich sind wir am Zug
Wir sind jung und doch alt genug
Wir werden reich sein, wenn wir nur wolln
Wir haben Zeit und am Himmel ist Gold
Dies wird der Sommer unsres Lebens
Komm lass uns einfach gehen
Wir werden ein Leben davon zehren
Dies wird der Sommer unsres Lebens
Wir müssen ihn uns einfach nehmen
Es ist garnicht so schwer

Ich und du
Wir müssen es nur machen
Ich und du
Wir können solche Sachen
Ich und du
Wir müssen es nur machen
Ich und du
Glaub mir das Ganze ist längst im Roll’n
Denn wir lieben`s und träumen davon
Jetzt nutz die Chance wenn sie kommt
Unsre Zukunft hat grade begonnen

Dies wird der Sommer unsres Lebens
Komm lass uns einfach gehen
Wir werden ein Leben davon zehren
Dies wird der Sommer unsres Lebens
Wir müssen ihn uns einfach nehmen
Es ist garnicht so schwer

Ich und du
Wir müssen es nur machen
Ich und du
Wir können solche Sachen
Ich und du
Wir müssen es nur machen
Ich und du

And my highly professional translation ;)

Summer of our life

This is a journey into sound ...

Come on, we will do it today, the opportunity is well
Cause if we become like the other people
We won’t have neither time nor courage.

We can bury everything tomorrow that we don’t risk today
Or can you tell me what we are waiting for?
Cause we’ve started it already since we were thinking about it for the first time
And the sails are set
Come on, get in cause it’s departure time now ....

… for the summer of our life
Come on, let us just go
We will draw on this all our life.
This will be the summer of our life!
We just have to take it
It is not difficult at all.

Such chances are rare
Tell me when if not right now?
Really, believe me, we are heroes
Please, give me just one word,
All the worries will turn to weaknesses,
Like intrigues and backbiting,
And tomorrow yesterday will we the day before yesterday.
Obviously it’s our turn
We are young but still old enough,
We will be rich, if we just want to be,

We have time and there is gold in the sky

This will be the summer of our life!
Come on, let us just go
We will draw on this all our life.
This will be the summer of our life!
We just have to take it
It is not difficult at all.

Me and You
We just have to do it
Me and You
We can do such things
Me and You
We just have to do it
Me and You

Believe me, all this has already begun
Cause we love it and dream of it
Now take the chance
When you get it.
Our future has just begun.

This will be the summer of our life!
Come on, let us just go
We will draw on this all our life.
This will be the summer of our life!
We just have to take it
It is not difficult at all.

Me and You
We just have to do it
Me and You
We can do such things
Me and You
We just have to do it
Me and You

And now you surely want to listen to it as well... click here and enjoy:
By the way, it's is the only song from Mr Hämer I like at all.....

Friday, 29 August 2008

Stress at the office....

Special thanks to my brother Eddy for this nice piece of CCTV recordings.... funny but also a bit scary ....... enjoy!

Thursday, 28 August 2008


The German Festival Summer step by step is drawing to its close now, but we still have one August weekend left to celebrate great open-air gigs until the clubs and pubs open their indoor-stages again.
And I know what all the festival-lovers in Ireland are looking forward these days: yes, it's the Electric Picnic this weekend ( with a great line-up and a lovely homepage (I really have to underline this: it's the nicest Irish festival homepage I have seen this year - only the Dysart (Festival) homepage was nicer, but as their was no festival, it's not a festival homepage, right?).

Anyway, I envy everybody who can go there! And for cheering those up who can't (including me ;) ) : Don't worry, the next picnic is coming and it will be raining this weekend anyway ... FOR SURE ;)

So long, there is only one question remaining for me on this beautiful August summer-day: "Am I ever ever going to see Franz Ferdinand live???"

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

FREE Hoarsebox Music on MySpace!

Richtig gehört ...... now you can download all the songs from Hoarsebox's EP "Cuckoo Land" PLUS the song "Pain got too much" (one of my favourite Hoarsebo tunes) from their MySpace page
And if you like it and you understand how hard it is to keep an unsigned band in platinum suits and pandas on rollerskates (as they state on their MySpace) then you cam also buy a physical copy of the EP from
My note to this: DO IT! and support good, unique, handmade music!

New iTO-video

Well, it's not BRAND-new, but still quite fresh ;) as since this month we can find an iTO music video for their song "Vermillion" on youtube. Finally, a real music video, guys! Keep up the good paper work ;) I am looking forward to a lot of more new iTO-stuff to come....
In the meantime, enjoy:

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Anne's saw of the day / Annes Weisheit des Tages

"The German dubber of Harrison Ford's voice in the new Indiana Jones movie has the "Indiana Jones"-ringtone on his mobile!"
Very special thanks to my sis for this first-hand-information ;)

First week back in Germany

Time flies! It is Sunday again, that means, since one week I am back in good ol' Deutschland now. But still I guess I have not completely acclimatized myself yet. I'm realizing that for example when crossing the street ... yes, in Germany look left first and you better pay attention to the pedestrians' traffic lights, as they really make sense here ;) Luckily I did not try to drive on the left side ....
By the way: Driving! How I missed it! I guess I was driving every day since my arrival: to Stuttgart, to Nürnberg, to the legendary "Krummweiher" (that's the "crooked lake" in English) to have my first swim this year (!!) and I cruised around in the South of county Ansbach and it was just great.
And I enyoyed a lot of more things and was surprised that sometimes I completely had forgotten how enjoyable some little German "day-to-day-life things" really are. Like having a good German “Brotzeit” with my family, the sound of Ansbach's chiming church bells, the pleasant smell of the area where I live or .... the SUN! Oh yes, we have about 27 degrees and almost no clouds (and still I was the only one swimming in the lake today, as the water was obviously too cold for everybody else ;) )
So long, there is a new week to come! Let's go for it ;)

Saturday, 9 August 2008

PS: Special Thanks to MARION!

For leaving back loads and loads of delicious French cheese in the fridge! Just the right thing for my late-night-photo-video-editing-and-chilling-with-The-Who-session.
Marion, you are just great!

PS: See Marion's answer in the "Kommentare" below .... Marion's gonna be our new Hoarsebox promoter in France ;)

My private Hoarsebox gig...

Ich weiß jetzt nicht, ob ich "glücklicherweise" oder "leider" sagen soll, wenn ich von der Tatsache berichte, dass sage und schreibe 25 Leutchen heute bei dem Konzert-Tag in Kilkenny (das ja ein Ersatz für das abgesagte, weil absolut miserabel organisierte Festival sein sollte) anwesend waren. Gut, verübeln kann mans niemandem, wenn er dann ganz von dem "Festival" ferngeblieben ist, denn das war alles einfach nur a big shit, was aber nur die Organisation und Promotion und keineswegs die Bands betrifft. Hoarsebox sollte sich ja glücklich schätzen, dass sie überhaupt auf dem Ersatz-Festival spielen durften. Aber es bedarf halt einfach einer besonderen Gabe, Leute um 4 Uhr nachmittags in einen Nachclub zu locken. Oder mit anderen Worten: ES GEHT NICHT! BASTA. Aber wie gesagt, mit Organisation und rein logisch, menschlichem Verstand haben's die Veranstalter nicht so.
Jetzt lassen wir aber mal das Rumgenöle, denn schließlich war es für uns ja trotzdem lustig. Ich hatte bei dem Konzi die Tanzfläche ganz für mich und konnte feine Bilder und Videos machen und die Jungs konnten ein bisschen üben ;) Oder besser gesagt, they did't give a sh*t. Die machen halt so oder so gute Laune.
Die Acapella-Probe (merke: alle vier singen ja!) von einem der neuen Songs wurde übrigens kurzerhand in Kierans Jeep ("It's not a Chrysler Voyager!" But almost. ;)) auf der 2-stündigen Hinfahrt durchgeführt. Jetzt kann ich da auch schon richtig gut mitsingen ;) Und: Johnny mit seiner Hammer-Lead-Stimme saß genau hinter mir und meinen Ohren.... Wahnsinn!
Und ich habe nochmal die irischen Midlands bis Kilkenny in ihrer ganzen Pracht gesehen, ach ja!
Na und dann gibt es ja wie gesagt noch ein paar Bildchen (und die Videos zeig ich euch daheim):

PS: Alex hat heute die HIVES am Taubertal gesehen, auch nicht schlecht, was?

Da Sugar Club ; )

Da war ja gestern ein Fundraiser Konzert für Mali mit Hoarsebox u.a. und Melle, Con und ich waren da. Wir waren quasi die drei "charming ladies", bei denen die Hoarsebox CDs erworben werden konnten.
Und ich konnte sogar einige für die Mali-Tombola spendieren und so noch mehr Leute mit toller Mucke versorgen ;)
So nett übrigens: "Anne-Lina, du fliegst doch nächste Woche stimmts?" - "Ja." "Und wann kommst du wieder?" - "Hoffentlich nächstes Jahr." - "Oh, ich dachte in drei, vier Wochen..." ...ach Leute!
Ja, und ein paar Bilder gibt's auch:

"Which song is next?"

Party-Stillleben: Und morgen gehts mit Hoarsebox nach Kilkenny zu meinem nun abe wirklich letzten Konzi für dieses Jahr ;)

Blackrock bei Nacht

Lange Belichtungszeit, ruhende Gegenstände .... ja das ist eine feine Sache. Folgende Bilder sind vor gerade mal einer Stunde an der Blackrock DART Station und auch am Grand Canal Dock entstanden:

Perfect for Eddy's almost-birthday

Wie gesagt waren wir heute Abend nochmal in meinem Lieblings-Diner. Ironischerweise sogar in dem, wo ich meinen ersten Malt getrunken hab, also musste ich doch den Laden mal ablichten:

Oh mann, die Leute da bringen meine Gedanken grad echt auf den Punkt:

PS: Wer heute übrigens wirklich Geburtstag hat: Johnny, der Sänger von Hoarsebox!